Meet Carole: One Experienced, Professional and Intuitive Consultant

Jewish Connections was founded in 1994 by Carole Linden. Her professional and ethical approach makes her a highly sought after and successful matchmaker in the Jewish community.

Carole’s degree and background in psychology and counseling, coupled with her strong passion and intuition about people, have led to the success of Jewish Connections and ultimately to the success of her clients in finding their soul mates. She has further deepened her knowledge base and education by taking courses in life skills training and advanced relationship studies.

Carole’s mission is to connect Jewish individuals who want a loving, committed relationship.
Carole’s vision is Jewish Continuity in our community.

Carole is very professional and discreet, as well as approachable, sincere, and well known in our community. She acts as a personal consultant, offering one-on-one counseling, support and ongoing feedback over the course of your matches.

A Few of Carole’s Success Stories

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