Your Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jewish Connections?
A personalized and selective introduction service for professional individuals looking to meet quality people in a comfortable and discreet environment.

What type of People will I meet at Jewish Connections?
Jewish individuals seeking committed and long term relationships. These people are professional, educated, successful, independent, active, cultured and selective individuals.

What age group do you specialize in?
We have made many matches for singles of all ages and we have connected many younger couples 20′s, 30′s as well as older couples 40′s, 50′s and 60′s.

What does Jewish Connections do that is different from other Matchmakers?
The interview is free and membership only begins once suitable connections are determined.

Why would someone use the services of a Matchmaker rather than use the internet?
People appreciate having a skilled professional Matchmaker to do the following: prescreen, qualify and interview and most importantly select only those candidates that are most appropriate. A great Matchmaker has the innate ability to intuitively bring the “right” people together. The internet has been a forum for people finding many possibilities but they have to go through the process of prescreening, qualifying and interviewing themselves. This can be overwhelming and time consuming for many people.

What’s your role as a Matchmaker?
The role of a Matchmaker is to connect two individuals that share the same core values, lifestyle, interests and most importantly, a desire to build a lifelong relationship.

What makes a great match?
Chemistry! Two people that are attracted to one another both physically and emotionally.

How does a Matchmaker find clients?
Referrals, networking, advertising and marketing. The secret to Matchmaking is the ability to seek out the many available singles that are not part of the singles scene.

How can I gently encourage my son/daughter to date Jewish singles?
It is difficult to meet singles, and especially Jewish singles. Our service provides you with a safe place to meet honest singles interested in a long term commitment with the right person. It takes away a lot of the risk and research that an individual would have to do on their own. And because we do this for 1000s of people, we know what to ask and what to look for to qualify and match up our candidates. Put our experience to work for you.

How can I gently encourage my son/daughter to join your services?
There is a long historical tradition in using the services of a matchmaker to help Jewish singles find the right match. We help you by introducing you to qualified legitimate singles interested in a long term relationship. The first step would be to encourage your son/daughter to view our website and to contact Carole.

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